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The XtremePython Conference

The XtremePython conference is organized by life michael. We (at life michael) are passionate about this conference the same as we are passionate about every professional training we deliver to software developers. 

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Step by Step

Each one of our long premium professional courses (90 academic hours each) focuses on a specific domain and covers it in the highest possible level. We don’t believe in shortcuts. 

Love to Explore

We love learning and exploring new programming languages, frameworks, libraries and platforms. We do so on a daily base, and share our findings through the professional groups we run.

The Mindset

Learning a new programming language or a new framework isn’t just about learning new syntax. It is also about adopting new way of thinking. 

Keep it Simple

Explaining a new technology, whether it is a new programming language, library, framework or a platform, we always stick with the simplest explanations and the simplest possible code samples. 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe in Hard Work & Dedication

We cannot be sure whether we are the best! However, we can rest assure you that we are doing more than any other company to provide our clients with the best premium professional service possible.

We continuously deliver free professional training events. We do so through the meetup platform. Our life michael meetup group continuously evolves. Join it for free and enjoy professional free trainings.

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