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Call for Papers

We are excited to welcome the Python community to submit talks for Xtreme Python 2021 that will take place on November 25th. The deadline for submitting a proposal is October 24th.

We are looking for talks that are interesting to as many Python (intermediate to advanced) developers as possible. 

We are especially looking for talks in the following domains:
+ The Future of Python
+ Python’s Software Development Tools, DevOps, etc.
+ Topics Related to Big Data and Server Side Development
+ Innovative Python Libraries and Frameworks (e.g. Innovative IOT Frameworks)
+ Fascinating code projects in Python

f you happen to know a person that can give an interesting talk please let us know. You can submit your proposal at https://forms.gle/DPp3CacWMRYXsjhZ8. It is possible to have a talk delivered by more than one speaker and up to four speakers (included). When this is the case please provide more information in your proposal.

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