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We are excited to announce our selection from the many high-quality CFP proposals we received. The decision wasn’t easy, yet our selection reflects our desire to focus on the edge. Our coming conference for 2022 will include small sessions of 30 minutes each, delivered by the following speakers.

Braden Profile Picture
Braden Riggs
Originally From Australia and now living in San Francisco, Braden joined the professional world of tech as a Data Scientist in 2020, working at a variety of companies, including startups and semiconductor manufacturers, before joining the Dolby.io team working in Developer Relations. Braden has a passion for python, tinkering away at a range of projects that leverage some of the language’s best tools for solving problems in data collection, creation, and machine learning.
Kushal Profile Photo
Kushal Vijay
Kushal Vijay is a Software Engineer @Microsoft & a Content Creator on YouTube & LinkedIn, serving an audience of over 100,000. Previously, Kushal has done Internships at Microsoft and StackGuardian. Kushal is an ACM ICPC’19 Regionalist and a mentor for students in Google Code-In’19 for TensorFlow Organization. Kushal has given speaker sessions at PyCon’22 Hong Kong & has taken 30+ Webinars to date in his Computer Science journey, and judged multiple hackathons across Engineering Colleges in India.
Pasha Finkelshteyn
Pasha Finkelshteyn

Years of experience made Pasha know IT through and through, and data is the thing he fell in love with. As a Developer Advocate for Big Data @JetBrains, he helps to create tools for data engineers. When he’s not advocating, he writes in Kotlin and speaks at conferences. Also, he is the author and maintainer of Kotlin API for Apache Spark

Elijah ben Izzy
Elijah ben izzy
Elijah has always enjoyed working at the intersection of math and engineering. More recently, he has focused his career on building tools to make data scientists more productive. At Two Sigma, he built infrastructure to help quantitative researchers efficiently turn ideas into production trading models. At Stitch Fix, he is a founding member of the Model Lifecycle team — a team that focuses on streamlining the experience for data scientists to create and ship machine learning models. In his spare time, he enjoys geeking out about fractals, looking at antique maps, and playing jazz piano.
Jan Sabak
Jan Sabak
Jan is a software quality assurance expert. For twenty-five years he has been working on testing and quality of software and hardware. He holds MSc in Computer Science (from the Computer Science Department at Warsaw University of Technology). He built and managed Quality Assurance Departments in Matrix.pl, IMPAQ and Infovide. Currently, he works at his own consulting company (AmberTeam Testing), which strives to assure the peaceful sleep of CIOs and project managers through risk measurement and management. He is an active promoter of the knowledge and culture of the quality of software development. He is a founder and ex-member of the Management Board of SJSI (Association for the Quality of Information Systems) aka ISTQB’s Polish Testing Board. He possesses ISTQB CTFL, Full CTAL certificates, and ISTQB Test Automation Engineer and Performance Tester certificates. He is a co-author of the “Agile Testing Foundations: An ISTQB Foundation Level Agile Tester guide” book.
Trygve Karper Profile Photo
Trygve Karper

Trygve is the CEO and co-founder of Databutton. Before starting Databutton, Trygve was an early employee at Cognite. He spent almost 4 years heading up and scaling the Data Science and ML Engineering teams at Cognite from 0 to 40+. Through his years at Cognite, the company grew from 30 employees to 630 and became Norway‘s first unicorn. Before joining Cognite, Trygve was a tenured associate professor in mathematics at NTNU and also spent some years crunching at the core physics engine of the flow simulator Olga. Throughout his career, he has worked on all aspects of data-driven business, from research and hardcore data science to building enabling products and leading execution for large-scale digitalization programs at some of the biggest companies in the world.

krishna Lodha
Krishna Lodha

Krishna Lodha is a freelance web GIS developer focusing on Open source technologies. Besides his freelancing career, he also writes blogs and creates videos about GIS on his YouTube channel. Krishna is also the founder of Rotten Grapes pvt ltd.

Karan Balkar Profile Photo
Karan Balkar
Karan Balkar is a mobile application developer primarily working on Android since the past 5 years. He has also worked on Augmented reality / Virtual reality based mobile applications and is passionate about exploring new innovative technologies.
Shai Geva Profile
Shai Geva

Making software with humans and for humans for close to 20 years, doing diverse stuff from algo research to management. Relentless question asker, problem solver and maker of high-quality software.

Mike Gardner Profile Photo
Mike Gardner

Mike brings over 15 years of experience helping customers maximize the business potential of their technology investments. Previously, he held senior management roles at OmniSci, Cisco, Composite Software and Verizon.

Assaf Dayan Profile Image
Assaf Dayan

Assaf is a principal software engineer at Sage. He has experience designing and developing large-scale distributed systems in Python, Go, and other languages. He is curious about technologies that simplify complexity and make work more efficient. In the past, Assaf was part of Dropbox’s telemetry team, which provides company-wide tools and services to enable observability at a massive scale.

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